Community Ed Staff

Information on this page is accessible only by staff with the appropriate login.  Information must be published for staff to see it.  However, published elements on this page are NOT seen by the public.

Sick Time and / or Vacation Time Requests: 

When possible, all sick time & vacation time should be pre-approved through Employee Access. When submitting a request for time off via Employee Access, check the box at the bottom of the request to have the request also sent to Rayane Heyen so she can have accurate information for staff attendance and paperwork tracking.

Paperwork should be submitted in advance of the time off when possible.  If you cannot submit this paperwork in advance (i.e. same day illness, emergency, etc), you are required to:
1. Talk to your supervisor "live."  If your supervisor is not available, contact one of the other supervisors.
2. Call the main CE office and inform the clerks of your schedule change (voice mail okay) indicating what the change is and the reason for the change.


Schedule Adjustment or Working Off Site Notification 

If you need to adjust your schedule (same # of hours, but changing scheduled time), or you will be working off site, you need to notify your supervisor.  Complete the appropriate notification form found at left.  Once completed, the form will automatically be sent to your supervisor and Rayane Heyen so accurate staff attendance information can be emailed each day.  Once the notification is received by your supervisor, they will contact you if they have questions or concerns.